“My standard in
      everything I tackle
   is always top quality.”

Reiner Baumann

“The young new Madonnenberg wines far exceed any wine that has been produced in Schriesheim to date.”


Reiner Baumann is a passionate man of action and a perfectionist. His standard in everything he tackles is always top quality. This applies both to his main trade – he operates one of the biggest and most renowned lamb slaughter businesses in Germany not far from Schriesheim – and to his entirely personal passion: winegrowing. In 2010 he started planting a small but good-quality vineyard in Madonnenberg, Schriesheim. He and his family carefully tend the vines and select the grapes. He leaves further processing to another perfectionist: the innovative wine maker Stephan Attmann from the von Winning wine-growing estate in Deidesheim, Rhineland Palatine, who is well known in specialist circles. What emerges when two perfectionists take something on with passion was in fact foreseeable.


Riesling dry


Light yellow interplay of colour with shimmering reflections in the glass. Ripe apricot and peach flavours lift the bouquet. This Riesling tastes strongly of stone fruit in a fine blend with an elder blossom fragrance. A discreet interplay of tastes with delicate fruit and a succulent structure unfolds in the flavour. Soft and pleasant, with a fine interplay of citrus and salt on the tongue, this Riesling tickles the taste buds.

Sauvignon Blanc dry

Schriesheim Madonnenberg

Fresh yellow appearance with greenish reflections. This Sauvignon Blanc tastes spicy, stimulating with a fine flavour of Cassis and fresh gooseberries in the bouquet. The taste combines freshness and fruit with a dense body structure. A pleasant interplay of cool smoke and a hint of spicy oak reveals itself in the aftertaste. A wine that makes you want more!

Pinot Noir dry

Schriesheim Madonnenberg

Dark cherry red in the interplay of colour. Walnut and almond flavours enliven the bouquet, accompanied by cherry fruit with a typical hint of Pinot and a discreet hint of cloves in the background. Youthful and fruity, with a delicate wild herb effect and soft tannin structure, this wine shows its full elegance. Long-lasting fruitiness in the aftertaste rounds off the flavour structure perfectly.


The Madonnenberg is a special piece of the Schriesheim cultural landscape steeped in history. On a 1.5-hectare belt of land above the eponymous statue of the Madonna there are precisely three different types of soil. In the nearest zone, a mixture of residual granite and gravel dominates. This is where Riesling really thrives. In the middle zone, this soil is mixed with clayey loess – ideal for Sauvignon Blanc. And in the upper zone you will find heavy clay and loess – perfect for Pinot Noir. Other favourable conditions from which all three types of vine benefit include an almost constant light breeze that gives the grapes good ventilation and a steep slope which, together with the south-facing aspect of the vineyard, ensures ideal light conditions. On the Madonnenberg, all these aspects together create the best preconditions for quite special wines of premium quality.



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Reiner Baumann Weinbau
Kopernikusstraße 6
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Tel.: +49 (6204) 70 86 313
Fax: +49 (6204) 70 86 362

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